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The most versatile wall and soffit panel on the market. This product produces the often desired flush look. The MetFab Flush Panel can be utilized as fascias, walls, equipment screens, and soffits.

MetFab engineered this product to produce a concealed male and female connection, that allows a smooth uninterrupted appearance. A stiffener bead can be used to enhance the look. To produce the smoothest panel possible, MetFab tension levels all of its metal. Wall panels can be manufactured in 24 and 22 gauge steel, or .032″ and .040″ aluminum.


  • 1″ depth panel
  • Easy to install male and female connections
  • Open frame installation
  • Standard panel widths: 10″ or 12″
  • Optional perforation (24ga and .032 only)


  • 24ga and 22ga galvanized – Kynar 500®
  • 24ga and 22ga Galvalume® – Kynar 500®
  • .032 and .040 aluminum – Kynar 500®
  • 24ga Galvalume Plus®


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