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MetFab Historic

This panel features the time-tested tradition of double lock standing seams. This seam method has proven successful for over 100 years.


MetFab III

A commercial product that is structural and pleasing to the eye. This panel can be installed in low slope applications and rounds out our line of mechanically seamed panels.


MetFab Curved

We curve roofing panels. Whether concave or convex. MetFab can curve metal roofing panels to your desired radius.


MetFab Snap-On 400

A low profile and clipless design makes this panel extremely fast to install. This product is ideal for residential and commercial applications.


MetFab Snap-On 550

Snap! Pop! It’s on. The 1.5″ Snap-On is quick and easy. This panel provides a highly water resistant seam, along with a lower profile for a look that is unobtrusive.


MetFab Snap-On 675

It’s a snap, and it’s structural. With the visual appeal of broad width seams and the practical appeal of easy, fast installation, this product is the way of the future.


MetFab Snap-On Batten

The long-time favorite for the traditional bold look. Wide battens bring the visual appeal of the past together with the ease of today’s modern metal roofing construction.


MetFab Cap Seam

Slim seams and flat pans make this product an ease to install with minimal waste. Perfect for curved roofs, mansards, and other steep-slope installations.


MetFab Flush

The flush, flat look with quick-to-install interlocking seams. The seamless look you desire for walls, soffits, and equipment screens is accomplished with this product.


MetFab Bermuda Horizon

Horizontal installation and minimal depth provide a quaint Bermuda style for use as a roof or wall panel.


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