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Price Quote Procedures

Coping, Gravel Stop, Gutter, Rake, Cornice and Customized Trim & Accessories


Use the Sheet Metal Quote form and fill in all applicable columns to ensure a quick and proper quote.

Material: Check material type required.

Thickness: List metal thickness in decimals for aluminum, gauge for steel, and weight in ounces for copper.

  • Aluminum: .032″ through .125″
  • Steel: 26 ga. through 14 ga.
  • Copper: 16 oz. to 32 oz.

Finish: Check which finish is desired. Please keep in mind that all finishes are not available on all substrates and thickness.

  • Aluminum: Kynar, baked enamel, anodized, and mill finish.
  • Steel: Kynar (24 ga only), galvanealed (paint grip), bare galvanized and bare galvalume.
  • Copper: Bare and lead coated.
  • Colors: Choose from MetFab Color Chart.
  • *Aluminum colors may vary.


When laying out your desired shape make sure all legs, brakes, and dimensions are clear and legible. Dimension all legs and desired coverage if required. Show critical angles with inside or outside dimension required.

Dimensions: Show sizes for all legs. Show if minimum coverage is needed.

Angles: Provide angles for all critical breaks.

Face: Show the desired exposed face.

Cleats: Note if hold down cleats are required. For copings, show if front and back cleats are required.

Splice: Describe if under plates, over plates or overlap splices, are utilized.

Quantity: Provide the linear foot of metal required in increments of ten feet.

Corners: List quantity of inside, outside corners and end caps. Note if corners should be welded, sealed, or pre cut.

Cornice and Radius Shapes: When laying out cornice work, show the actual radius of each curve and the total coverage of each curve in horizontal and vertical dimensions. Numerous shapes and radiuses can be achieved by building curves and straight brakes.

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